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what does ultraviolet mean

Ultraviolet light is a general term for radiation from 0.01 to 0.40 micrometers in the electromagnetic spectrum and cannot cause people’s vision. The electromagnetic spectrum has a wavelength of 0.01~0.4 micron radiation, which is the radiation between the visible purple end and the X-ray. Has a sterilization function.
Ultraviolet light is shorter than visible light, but electromagnetic radiation is longer than X-rays. Ultraviolet light has a wavelength range of 10-400 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. This range starts at the short-wavelength limit of visible light and overlaps with the long-wavelength wavelength of X-rays. Ultraviolet light is classified into A-ray, B-ray, and C-ray (UVA, UVB, and UVC for short), and the wavelength ranges are 400-315 nm, 315-280 nm, and 280-190 nm, respectively.And the wavelength of our products is 365nm, and 385nm
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UV light use

Function 1 Sterilization
This is the most common function of ultraviolet light. Because ultraviolet light has a powerful lethal effect on living things, humans use it to deal with these difficult bacteria and viruses. We also use sunlight to help us sterilize.
Function 2 Identification and perspective
Because ultraviolet light is more penetrating than normal visible light, scientists often use ultraviolet light for fluoroscopy or identification work (just like X-ray for health check). For example, the use of ultraviolet light to inspect fine cracks on metal, the authenticity of pictures, food safety, and even when exploring space, ultraviolet light can come in handy.
Function 3 Health and Medical
Exposure to excessive UV exposure can cause harm to the human body, but proper sunlight can help the body synthesize vitamin D.
Recently, medically, it has been found that exposure to an appropriate amount of A light or B light can also treat skin lesions such as dryness and leukoplakia, and the patient is no longer “itchy.” However, this “light treatment” can only be carried out under the direction of a physician.
Function 4 is the guide for insects
Because each organism can receive a range of light frequencies, some animals rely on ultraviolet light to find a path or see a clear object. For example, when bees are looking for nectar and pollinating flowers, they must also rely on ultraviolet light. In addition, UV light can also assist plants in photosynthesis.
And our products have the following characteristics
– Money inspection: Clearly detects money that including 2018 the latest edition Euro and USD$100
– Blooding tracing
– Jewellery jade stone identification and tester
– Pet urine detection: Dog/cat urine odor detect, etc.
– Baby products fluorescence substance detection.
– Cosmetics and daily chemicals fluorescence substance detection.
– Credentials(ID, passport, etc) inspection
-Fingerprint inspection: Displays fingerprints by fluorescence reaction for judicial use.
-Fishing and hunting: Ultraviolet light could attract certain fish species, and is able to help spot animal blood during hunting.
-Scorpion Hunting: When exposed to ultraviolet light, some insect such as scorpion would glow and thusly disclose it own location.
-Crease inspection: Detects oily taint on work pieces by fluorescent characteristic of grease.
-Arson investigation: detects inflammable sprays left in arson scene for investigative use.
-Sexual assult investigation: exposes bruises and sexual humoral as criminal evidence.
-Theft prevention: Prevents theft with fluorescent marks on properties.
-Clean room dust check: detects dusts on facilities in a clean room.
-Leakage inspection: Inspects engine lubricants, air conditioner chemicals, water tanks and hydraulic system leakage by fluorescence reaction.
-Tracing:Traces piping systems like water supply and sewage systems by fluorescence reaction.
-Sanitary check: Evaluates sanitary condition of a place by checking body fluid and scraps in a place. Body fluid and scraps are breeding ground of bacteria and smells.
For some special items, 365nm has a better fluorescence response.