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SKILHUNT M200 review

The first is its very convenient replenishment method. Outdoor solar panels can be used to supplement it.

During the charging process, the magnetic interface also has a power indicator.

This avoids overcharging damage and does not cause uneffective charging, which affects normal use. And the indicator light is extremely bright, even if it is well visible during the day.

For carrying, its newspaper clips have a variety of mounting methods. Apparel and backpacks can be effectively carried with a suitable flashlight.

The magnetic attraction at the tail is a design that effectively releases the hands. And its magnetic effect is strong. We can safely free our hands to handle other things.

Such a design is extremely effective as it is brought into various scenes. At the same time, the effect of the indicator light of the button is also obvious. The red indicator is a low battery indicator. This allows me to make charging arrangements in time to avoid affecting the various developments.

The same is true, the M200 has a variety of features as an efficient work light.


And in terms of the convenience of carrying it, we know effectively through its size. Full length: 103.3mm; barrel diameter: 22mm; empty tube weight: 49.4g. With such weight and size, it is convenient and effective to hold and operate with one hand.

Of course, when entering the water outdoors, the flashlight works normally, and its waterproof performance is trustworthy.

For the above content, the details of the display and the convenience of carrying can have a general understanding. As a small straight, as described above, the fine barrel knurling gives it a refined look.

For the flashlight, the most important function is the effect of lighting. The M200 is also distinctive in terms of lighting. The main and auxiliary files have a total of 8 non-stop brightness effects, T1 950 lumens, T2 535 lumens (3 hours), H1 380 lumens (4.5 hours), H2 160 lumens (12 hours), M1 75 lumens (25 hours). M2 25 lumens (75 hours), L1 10 lumens (150 hours), L2 0.5 lumens.

Of course, the main and auxiliary gear positions are independent in operation, that is to say, the gear shifting of the conventional operation is the lighting effect with 4 brightness gear positions. Its highlighting effect is extremely bright and even dazzling, so personally think that the highlight position is not necessary to use in regular scenes. Of course, the strobe can effectively prevent and respond to this brightness.

The illumination of the beam can be seen to have a large central angle, and the edge range is almost 180 degrees. This is a great increase for the range of night vision for the user.

The white wall effect of 2 meters is as follows, the outside brightness is slightly lower, but the range at this time cannot be covered by photos, and its broadness is worthy of recognition. The central spot is bright and round, so that its lamp beads are well centered, and the performance of the light cup and lens is clear.

Continue to show the four brightness effects of the main gear. When the flow is 10 lumens, the 2, 30 meter diagonally has a slight illumination effect. For the conventional needs, the familiar scene is actually enough for 10 lumens.

75 lumens of illumination effect fabric some. The reflection in the river has also become clearer.

380 lumens lighting is clear, bright, and the distance is significantly increased. The walls of the houses after the pipes and trees are blocked are still clearly presented. And this is also the embodiment of its certain penetration effect.

The overall brightness, range, and distance of the 950 lumens have become broader. And the right pipe is illuminated with a very bright white reflective effect.

For this range of brightness we look at this gallery. The specification is 184 meters, which is more than enough. In this long-term use state, the temperature has increased, but its built-in temperature control protection system maintains effective temperature control in a relatively efficient state, avoiding accidents caused by temperature loss.

Through many uses, you can understand that the M200 is extremely efficient and portable as a small straight. Can adapt to a variety of scene needs. And its price is very attractive. Overall, it has a high cost performance.