• Within 15 days of purchase, any manufacturing defects will be offered free replacement for defect part by SKILHUNT dealers.
  • Within 24 months from the date of purchase. SKILHUNT offers free repair after service. (Excluded batteries)

– Limited lifetime warranty. SKILHUNT will still provide with warranty service. Labor is free but we will charge for parts. The total repair fee is assessed according to the cost of the replaced materials.Freight should be paid by customers.

– We recommends shipping any and all returns via a traceable and insured shipping method, as SKILHUNT and it’s dealers/distributors can not be responsible for lost or damaged parcels.

– Warranty certificate: Customers request after-sale service from SKILHUNT distributors or dealers by providing with a completed purchase invoice, purchase record or receipt. The distributor should provide services to the customers and SKILHUNT will support for these services.

NOTE:To protect your rights, please purchase from our authorized dealers. You may not get warranty if purchased from Non-authorized dealer .

– The above free warranty does not cover any damages or failure caused by:
1. Normal wear (Product appearance is excluded from warranty.)
2. Rough operation
3. Battery leakage
4. Any defects or damages caused by the improper operations include but not limited to the operation which doesn´t comply with the warranty or notes shown in the product specification. For example, the product specification will describe that please don´t disassemble the flashlight´s head, as doing so can damage to the flashlight and will void the warranty
5. Any defects or damaged led by other behaviors which can not be controlled by SKILHUNT reasonably.


When will ship my order?

We will arrange shipment within a week.

when can I expect to receive my order?

Most of time, we will ship by express or Post, express may need 7-15 business days, if ship by Post, may need 10-20 business days, More or less. Actual delivery time may be delayed due to some force majeure reasons.

Can I order battery?

We can ship battery inside flashlight in most of countries. But we can’t ship  battery without flashlight.

What payment method can I use?

We accept USD and EURO, Payment can be processed by PayPal, Credit Card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc