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When light is off, Press switch to white light low mode W2,
Hold press switch 0.5 second to color light high mode C1,
Double press switch to high flash mode S3,
When light is on, Hold press switch 0.5 second to turn off the light.
2.Brightness and mode transfer
When light is on,
Press switch, 5 modes circle. Circle as below
White low W2 – White high W1 – Color high C1 – White low flash S2 – White high flash S1
In any mode, Double press switch to high flash mode S3, and press switch transfer to last mode.
4. Location indicator & Lock-out function:
when turn off the flashlight,
Press switch 1.5 seconds,location indicator switch on and lock-out function
activation at same time.
Press button only can switch the indicator on/off,the indicator light flash every
second, locate the flashlight, Easy find the flashlight in the dark quickly.
Hold press the switch 1.5 seconds, switch button unlock and enter into W2.
5. Low voltage indication
When the battery voltage drop down lower than 3.3V,the indicator flash
every 10 seconds. Battery voltage drop down lower than 3.0V,the indicator flash 2 times
every 2 seconds.

1.Unique dual colors of light output, bright white light with color light (red / green / blue / UV385 / UV365 ), to meet the difference use of environment.
2.Newest CREE XP-G2 LED, High-Performance, High-Efficiency and energy conservation. Life-tine to 50000 hours
3.High efficiency aluminum reflector /optical lens, perfect beamshot.
4.Built-in replaceable lithium battery with protected, safer for use.
5.Micro USB charging interface, excellent compatibility and convenience.
6.Built-in three function indicators, low-voltage indicator / charging indicator / location indicator.
7.Body use high-quality nylon composite material, durable construction, more scratch-resistant, wear-resistant.
8.LED cooling base on one-piece die-casting aluminum alloy design to ensure that the lamp has excellent heat dissipation.
9.Large button design, operation feeling comfortable and easier.
10.Excellent constant current circuit design, multifunctional modes, fast and stable operating performance.
11.Sub-low voltage indicators function, and low voltage indicator will automatically flash warning, to remind users to charge in time.
12.Magnet in back, can be easily applied in many special occasions.

Different colors lights in applications:
Red light: Signal light, preserves night-adapted vision.
Green light: Signal light, Hunting
Blue light: Pipeline inspection, Night fishing
UV light:
– Money inspection: Clearly detects money that including 2018 the latest edition Euro and USD$100
– Blooding tracing
– Jewellery jade stone identification and tester
– Bady products fluorescence substance detection.
– Cosmetics and daily chemicals fluorescence substance detection.
– Credentials(ID, passport, etc) inspection
-Fingerprint inspection: Displays fingerprints by fluorescence reaction for judicial use.
-Fishing and hunting: Ultraviolet light could attract certain fish species, and is able to help spot animal blood during hunting.
-Scorpion Hunting: When exposed to ultrviolet light, some insect such as scorpion would glow and thusly disclose it own location.
-Crease inspection: Detects oily taint on workpieces by fluorescent characteristic of grease.
-Arson investigation: detects inflammable sprays left in arson scene for investigative use.
-Sexual assult investigation: exposes bruises and sexual humoral as criminal evidence.
-Theft prevention: Prevents theft with fluorescent marks on properties.
-Clean room dust check: detects dusts on facilities in a clean room.
-Leakage imspection: Inspects engine lubricants, air conditioner chemicals, water tanks and hydraulic system leakage by fluorescence reaction.
-Tracing:Traces piping systems like water supply and sewage systems by fluorescence reaction.
-Sanitary check: Evaluates sanitary condition of a place by checking body fluid and scraps in a place. Body fluid and scraps are breeding ground of bacteria and smells.
For some special items, 365nm has a better fluorescence response.

Do Not point the light to eyes, that may hurt the vision temporarily.
Do Not put the light with magnetic thing like card or phone.
For better protected your eyes, please do not look directly at the UV light with your eyes

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