M200 USB magnetic charging flashlight


M200 magnetic charging flashlight


Max output: ANSI 950 Lumens / 1200 LED Lumens

Max runtime: Few months

Max beam distance: 184 meters

Max peak beam intensity: 8500cd

Waterproof: IPX-8

Impact resistant: 1 Meter

Battery: 1×18650 , 2x CR123A , 2x RCR123A

Rated Range: 2.7V ~ 8.4V


Length 104.5mm / 411 inch

Head diameter 23.5mm / 0.93 inch

Body diameter 22.0mm/0.86 inch

Weight: 44g / 1.55oz (without battery)

Accessories: USB magnetic charging cable, clip, lanyard, magnet replace rubber pad, Operator’s manual, Spare O-ring


Battery installation & Replace magnet:Insert the battery into the flashlight,the battery positive pole toward the light head.
Ensure batteries are inserted correctly, the flashlight will not operate with incorrectly inserted batteries. Ensure when the light turning on,the beam is directed away from the eyes.

When take the light with Bankcards(magnetic) or Cell phone,should replaced Magnet with rubber pad.

Flashlight turning on/off:
When the flashlight was OFF status:

Press the side switch to memorized brightness level.

Press and hold the side switch 0.5 second,to low mode.

Quickly double press side switch to turbo mode.

Quickly triple press side switch to strobe mode.

When the flashlight was ON(any mode) status:

Press and hold the side switch 0.5 second to turn off.

Brightness & mode selection:
Brightness level:

Press side switch to Low-Mid-High-Turbo, cycle.

Special modes:

Quickly double press the side switch to Sub-level(i.e between L1 & L2), turn off memorized the last brightness.

Quickly triple press the side switch to Strobe (S1), then double-click to switch S1/S2/S3 mode, Press side switch back to previous brightness level.

Power indicator
Every time press the switch turn on, the side indicator(blue or red light) will be 5 seconds to display the battery power.

Constant Blue: battery power in 100%~80%, Flashing Blue: battery power in 80%~50%,

Constant Red: battery power in 50%~20%, Flashing Red: battery power below 20%.

Low voltage indication
When the battery voltage drop down lower than 3.3V, indicator flash twice every 10 seconds. Battery voltage drop down to lower than 3V, indicator flash 3 times every 10 seconds.

Location indicator & Lock-out function:
When turn off the flashlight, press switch 1.5 seconds, location indicator switch on and lock-out function activation at the same time, Press button onl can switch the indicator on/off.

The indicator light flash every second, locate the flashlight, easy find the flashlight in the dark quickly. Hold press the switch 1.5 seconds, switch button unlock and enter into low mode.

Charging instructions and notices
In charging, the red indicator constant light on, when battery almost full charge, indicator change to constant blue light. When the red indicator flash, please check battery contacts good or not.

Warning: Rechargeable function only for one 18650 (3.6/3.7V) rechargeable lithium battery! Please make sure the battery is correctly insert, otherwise it will damage the charging system.


Super bright & latestCREE XP-L LED, Max 1200 LED lumens. High-Performance, High-Efficiency and energy conservation.
Durable aluminum vacuum plating reflector, Efficiency reflection, perfect beamshot, excellent structure and temperature resistance.
Built-in magnetic charging system, fast charge and convenient.
Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization
Multi-level dissipating heat designand new copper starboard, excellent heat dissipation. Flashlight head integrated construction, high thermal conductivity.
Side switch button to transferring mode user-friendly interface to adjust output.
Eightoutput levels and three Strobe, suitable for different environment.
Wide input range provides more choices of batteries. High efficiency driver circuit, no visible flash in any mode.
Automatic memory function, remember last used setting and can be preset to specific output mode for instant access.
New intelligent temperature control technology for headlamp stable and safe use.
Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation.
12.Low-voltage prompts function, the light will flash when the battery is low,remind user replace the battery on time.
13.When turn off, hold press button to activate lockout function. Avoid light turn on by unexpected.
14.When light lockout, location indicator will flash, easy get the light in dark.
Magnetic tail, can be used in many special occasions, use as candlelight, etc.

Usage and Maintenance

Use quality batteries so as not to damage the light due to leaks or other self-destructive possibilities.

Remove batteries when light will not be used for an extended period or if batteries are discharged.

When using Li-ion batteries,we recommends the use of protected batteries. Clean contacts, threads and O-rings of the flashlight with clean cloth from

time to time when necessary.

Should flickers or doesn’t light up this the most likely cause.

If flashlight is used in wet environment, lubricate O-rings frequently to

maintain watertight seal. inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Products Warranty

1.SKILHUNT warrants our products  to be free from defects in materials

and workmanship.

2.Within 15 days of purchase,any defective lights will be offered free

replacement by SKILHUNT distributors unconditionally.except for damage

caused by misuse or insert batteries in wrong way or batteries weeping.

3.Within 24 months from the day of purchase.

SKILHUNT offers free repair after service,except for damages caused by

misuse or insert batteries in wrong way or batteries weeping.

4.Limited lifetime warranty.

SKILHUNT will still provide with warranty service.

Labor is free but we will charge for parts.

The total repair fee is assessed according to the cost of the replaced materials.

Freight should be paid by customers.

5.More details about warranty service,please contact local distributors or dealers

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