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Multi-function work light with strange shape, SKT PL1 evaluation

For the nighttime lighting, the first reaction is a cylindrical flashlight and camp lights. And the suitability of different flashlights will have obvious limitations. The SKT PL1 multi-function work light is clearly different from the conventional one: the small and portable adjustable angle, and the optional range of up to 6 light colors bring a unique experience.

The show for your friends is PL1 UV365 . It has white light and a UV light source.Needless to say, the role of white light, and UV365 brings some special scenarios to cope with performance.

Banknote verification, identification of jewellery and jade, night fishing, and monitoring of fluorescent materials ….. The same is true for PL1 UV365, which is a unified choice for different nighttime personnel.

The function of the back clip is matched with the setting of the illumination angle adjustment. It makes it a very effective lighting equipment under normal conditions.Various activities such as night climbing and night running are competent.

The magnetic back clip is another highlight of our liberating hands. Emergency lighting at night in industrial locations is a very convenient option.

The distribution of the lampshade makes it instantly a signal light. In-use position indication works great. The look is very eye-catching.

Of course, the above content is a brief description of its versatility. The following content will be used for detailed display and detailed usage record sharing.

The packaging is relatively simple. 2 LED brings a two-color light source. It is known from the packaging that it also has four other different dual light source options. It can be said that it covers almost all kinds of people’s needs.

It can be seen that it is equipped with a work light, a lampshade, a USB charging cable, and a manual.

The shape of the work light is as follows, which is subversively different from the conventional “flashlight” shape. The yellow position is the position of its shade. The rear end of the lampshade is its light source (cylinder head) position. It can be seen that it has a corner function of 180 degrees.

The effect of opening the angle is as follows.

At this point, it can be seen that there are multiple stripes at the bottom end of the corner position. This is the positioning groove that is made for the fixed adjusted angle.The two central white positions are the fixed magnetic positions of the barrel head. It is more stable when closed. The lower square bulge is where the button and battery indicator are set. Overall, its structure is extremely compact.

A thick soft cover can be seen on one side.

The cover opening is the USB interface position. The USB interface with a plastic cover is convenient for power supply and has a certain protective effect. And its built-in power supply brings up to 18 hours of battery life. Regular activities can also be effectively addressed.

Next, take off the lampshade and look at it.

It can be seen that the cooperation between the lamp cover and the barrel head is realized by two card slots and a buckle. The fit is stable, and the tilting operation is extremely convenient when loading and unloading.

This is the side-by-side position of its dual light source. The latest CREE xp-g2 led is a guarantee of white light highlighting and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The same is the big brand UV led 365nm lamp beads also bring effective use. In addition, the combination of the aluminum alloy reflector and the optical lens brings a uniform and soft illumination effect.

The lamp bead is made of die-cast aluminum alloy integrated base. This results in efficient heat dissipation and strong use intensity. The high-quality nylon used in the outer casing is a guarantee of light weight and durability.

A magnetic block is embedded in the middle of the elastic back clip. This brings a variety of fixed use methods that effectively liberate the hands.

The first is that when the package is stored, the back clip can be fixed on the various loading systems of the backpack. Another reason for portability is because of its small size. The length, width and height of 80mm*37.5mm*34mm are extremely small and can be said to be in a mini state.

The outer suspension of the backpack is carried, and the effect of using the lampshade is as follows. It can be said that the purchased light source brings more recognition.

Such outdoor use at night provides an effective location reminder. Convenient for nighttime outdoor teams. Of course, in the wearing of activities such as night running, there are effects that prompt the surrounding people and vehicles. All in all, the safety of the night outdoors is improved a lot.

The use of the back clip is that it can be worn in more places. And its 55g weight brings extremely lightweight use. When used in this way, there is almost no increase in load.

When the lampshade is removed, the PL1 has immediately changed from a signal light to a lighting device. Its maximum brightness of 230 lumens can meet a variety of outdoor outdoor scenes.

The function of magnetism is because the flat shape makes the center of gravity more internal. Therefore, the effect of adsorption is more stable than that of a conventional tube with a magnetic tail.

After adjusting the angle of the head, the PL1 can achieve multi-angle illumination.

So, given a fulcrum, PL1 can give back a bright night.

Of course, as a work light, the function of magnetism is extremely convenient as mentioned above. After all, liberating hands in various jobs is easy to carry out.

The following content is used to show the effect of the illumination.

The upper and lower images clearly show that the UV light source has excellent penetration and detection and display effects of other materials. The pattern on the hundred dollar bill is not said. It can be seen that the digital print ink at the position in the upper right corner is almost invisible under white light. And under the UV light, there is no shape.

In the case of fishing, or camping outdoors, we can also use this to simply detect whether there are some “naughty” little guys in the attachment . This is more efficient for catching, and it is safer to judge the environment.

The operation of the button is implemented to realize the switching of low light, high brightness, UV light, low light slow flashing, high brightness slow flashing. The low-light 25 lumens effect is as follows, and regular activities can be better displayed.

Highlighting 230 lumens brings a wider range of illumination and brightness.

At this time, the UV irradiation effect is switched . There is really no white light in brightness. However, if the object is illuminated, there is a color object, because the pigment has a clear display.

Replace the scene and explain the effect of the nighttime illumination in the injection molding workshop. The first is the effect of 25 lumens. There is a section of the display around the near end.

In the highlighted state, the end of the 50- meter corridor can be displayed in front of us. So it is no problem to judge that its range is 50 meters.

At this time, the light source is switched. It can be seen that plastic pipes and signs have a unique display at this time. We know that fluorescers are also known as white dyes, which give a whitening effect after use. And widely used in textiles, paper, washing powder, laundry detergent, soap, rubber, plastics, paints and paints. The data shows that if the fluorescent agent can be absorbed into the body through the skin, it will not be easily decomposed after entering the human body, which can accumulate in the human body and greatly weaken the human immunity; the combination of the fluorescent agent and the protein outside the wound will hinder the healing of the wound; The agent will cause the body cells to have a variability tendency, and its toxicity is accumulated in the liver or other important organs, which becomes a potential carcinogenic factor. Then the adaptation of PL1 allows us to effectively identify and reduce the exposure of the fluorescer.

In the process of use, when the battery power changes below 3.3V , the indicator light flashes every 10 seconds. If it is lower than 3V, it flashes every two seconds to prompt charging in time. At the same time, the lock and positioning indication after shutdown are also reflected on the indicator light.

When charging, the visual indication of the indicator light avoids the use of the battery that is not fully charged, and also avoids damage to the battery caused by overcharging.Of course, the USB charging interface has a variety of supply methods on the market, which is extremely convenient.

After several uses, it can be concluded that the SKT PL1 is extremely small and lightweight, and its unusual shape brings a variety of carrying and use characteristics.The use of a dual light source in combination with the lampshade makes it suitable for a variety of scenes. Therefore, it is a good choice for daily work and outdoor activities.