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H03 / H03R / H03F New LED Headlamp coming soon

We always focused on delivering the best headlamps we can. After H02/H02R/H02C headlamps, SKILHUNT keep developing better new headlamp models, and make a lot of tests and measurements…, now we are so excited new headlamps are ready to public to everyone!
H03 (TIR lens) / H03R (reflector)
SKILHUNT H03 headlamp
SKILHUNT H03F headlampSKILHUNT H03F headlamp

Smaller, Smarter, Brighter

Main Features

  1. H03/H03R/H03F new headlamp is a compact, powerful and intelligent headlamp that produces 1200 LED lumen of white light.
  2. New intelligent temperature control technology for your stable and safe use.
  3. More smaller compact headlamp, length less than 100mm. ( H02 model is 107mm)
  4. Different brightness levels are programmable.
  5. New Location indicator.