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Almighty partner–SKILHUNT M200 straight evaluation

For everyday, outdoor or all kinds of night work, we need a flashlight with reliable performance. Of course, different scenarios should have different usage requirements. If you have a portable and diverse small straight, it will be extremely convenient. Just like this SKILHUNT M200.

The M200 has the regular features of conventional “small straight”, which is the overall relatively small, portable form factor. At the same time, the M200 has a lot of high-performance performance that is not available on the market. The M200 uses up to 1050 lumens when using 2*cr123a, while a 18650 can deliver 950 lumens. Such a night outdoors is almost lit up.

Of course, as a small straight than the shape of the tactical pen, it is an excellent choice for EDC.

The next content, first look at the details of its details.

As far as packaging is concerned, the whole is wrapped in black cardboard, and the surface is blue-hot stamped with SKILHUNT and the three-leaf trademark. Simple and clear but impressive. It should be noted that the flashlight has different models and light colors. This is just the HD version (High Density LED with jelly), NW (Neutural White white light). After opening, the overall accessories are as follows. Newspaper clips, magnetic charging lines, spare O-rings, etc. are readily available. In addition, a tail magnet replacement piece is also a very practical configuration.

The M200’s magnetic charging method provides extremely convenient adaptation for charging. Night operation will not affect the operation due to light.

addition to the fast pairing operation, magnetic attraction has various advantages. That is, the charging current is larger than the MicroUSB and the waterproof performance is improved. Looking at the position of the hand electromagnetic suction, it can be seen that the production process is extremely detailed. The metal pressure ring acts as a yellow gold plating effect on the charging pairing position inside the fixed outer ring. This reduces the resistance so that charging is fast and stable.

It is made of aluminum alloy, and it has a certain wear-resisting and anti-drop function after three-stage hard oxidation treatment. The protection of outdoor bumps becomes more effective.

The barrel is knurled and delicate. And there is a CNC processed end plane. This enhances grip comfort. The flutes of the tail cap increase the anti-slip effect of the screw. Of course, the tail cover reserves the hand rope through the hole. This depends on our own adaptation habits or needs.

at the side of the barrel, three deep fins make the heat dissipation area wider, the effect is more obvious.

The button is set at the back end of the barrel, and the metal ring is processed as well. The center of the button is a red and blue two-color indicator that shows the current battery level and indicates the state of charge. When it is turned on, the indicator light will be on for about 5 seconds, and the horse will display the current power. The long blue light indicates that the battery is >80%; the blue flashing indicates that the battery is >50%; the long red light indicates the battery level >20%; the red flash indicates the battery level < 20%, need to charge as soon as possible.

Looking at its core location, there are a lot of details to note. The first is that the M200 uses Cree XP-L HD white LED lamp beads, and the outer stainless steel pressure ring can effectively protect this core position, and has a landscaping effect. At the same time, the coated glass used to effectively increase the transmittance of the illumination light, thereby improving the brightness.

The setting of the newspaper clip brings a variety of portability conveniences on the one hand. And can have the effect of preventing accidental touch. Of course, the button has a locked operation. Therefore, the misuse has a circumvention setting with double insurance.

Take off the tail cover and look again, it can be seen that the end face is conductive. The negative electrode is a spring-supported contact, and the surface is plated with silver to effectively reduce the contact resistance, and the mating thread of the barrel and the tail cap is a rectangular thread. The overall is delicate.

It is extremely smooth inside the battery compartment. And there is a battery installation polarity prompt. The positive electrode is visually gold-plated. Gold plating is also an effective process for reducing the resistance and stabilizing the circuit. And the circuit has an anti-reverse design, thus avoiding the damage of the reverse battery.