10Jan 2017

Chinese New Year Holidays: 2017-1-20 ~ 2017-2-6

09Jul 2016

Easy change beam to focus or flood for different demands! That is the new H03F headlamp . LED: CREE XM-L2 U4 Max output: ANSI 1000 Lumens / 1200 LED Lumens Max runtime: Few months Max beam distance: 145 meters Max peak beam intensity: 5300cd   Length 99.9mm / 3.93 inch Weight: 44g / 1.55oz (without battery) Accessories: Headband, clip, lanyard, magnet replace rubber pad, Operator’s manual, Warranty card, Spare O-ring

25Jun 2016

SKILHUNT always focus on developing the greatest headlamp. Now the new H03/ H03R is our first headlamp that can programmable brightness made by SKILHUNT. Powerful 1200 Led lumens with extremely compact size and lightweight. Designed for multiple uses like outdoor, camping, fishing, hunting, work, walk, picnic, travel, home, car, bike, etc. More details about H03 led headlamp / H03R Led headlamp

25May 2016

We always focused on delivering the best headlamps we can. After H02/H02R/H02C headlamps, SKILHUNT keep developing better new headlamp models, and make a lot of tests and measurements…, now we are so excited new headlamps are ready to public to everyone! H03 (TIR lens) / H03R (reflector)                     H03F     […]

13Jan 2016

The Spring Festival Holiday is from 2016-2-1 to 2016-2-14 We will back to work on 2016-2-15.

07Jan 2016

DS21 New brother coming — DS21 HI tiny super thrower EDC led flashlight.                           Tiny Super Thrower Flashlight LED: CREE XP-L HI (High-Intensity) Max output: 800 Lumens Max runtime:120 hrs Beam Distance: 219 meters More details about DS21 Hi flashlight

19Dec 2015

We are so glad to launch new M1 intelligent USB charger. SKILHUNT M1 USB charger, Intelligent charger, Multifunction charger, All in onecharger, 5V charger, Power bank. Features: High compatibility, compatible with Li-ion, LiFePO4, IMR, Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries. Max 1000mA charging current, fast charge to save your time. One button easy control all charging status. Soft-start function, to avoid damage from large current charge and safely charge small capacity batteries. LED indicator display battery charging process. Two charging current options. Reverse polarity protection,to protect from improper battery installation. Short-circuit, over-load and over-heat protected, intelligent circuits. Three-stage charge (CC, CV and Trickle Charge). Use new  fire-retardant flame-resistant material for safety. 0V activation function can wake up the over-discharged sleeping batteries USB output function, can be portable power source for your mobile devices.