Different types of activities in the night and outdoor require different light sources for corresponding illumination. For example, at night, it is necessary to distinguish between animal blood and oil. Of course, people who are fishing know that fish are not sensitive to blue light, so night fishing is also a blue light. Another example is to ensure the comfort of night duty and it is not easy to use red light in the direction. The green light source is more suitable in tactical and hunting scenarios because some animals (such as wild boars) are not sensitive to green light. In addition, the nighttime search in low-light green light is also effective… So, we expect a nighttime lighting fixture to have the above-mentioned light source. This makes it more adaptable, and the SKILHUNT Skater H03C headlights are such equipment.

H03C said that it is a headlight, but the individual does not think so, because it is a headlight with the cooperation of the headband, and the newspaper clip is an excellent corner light. Therefore, the reason why it is differently worn under different light source settings makes it have a wider range of adaptation.

The following content is shared with the details and the records used for outdoor use. Packaging is the brand’s consistent style. The black background makes the blue logo more conspicuous. Here is a brief introduction to Xiao Si Kate. SKILHUNT is a company specializing in the R&D, design, production and sales of professional high-quality LED mobile lighting equipment in Baoan District, Shenzhen. It is committed to providing users with better mobile lighting solutions.

There is a brief description on the box, this test is the NW (Zhongbaiguang) 4000K configuration.

Out of the box, the accessories are more diverse, with spare O-rings and spare buttons. In addition, there are headbands, magnetic charging lines, newspaper clips, hand ropes and other items.

Looking at the body, it can be seen that it is relatively small, and can be held and operated with one hand when used as a corner light. So it is very portable when used.

The material selection is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is compact and light and durable. Of course, this is inseparable from the treatment of the surface three-stage hard oxidation.

As stated at the outset, it has four light sources. This is why the CREE XM-L COLOR LED is used. Its highly efficient beaded optical lens provides an extremely uniform spot and flooding effect. This brings a very broad night vision.

The button operation position is on the side of the lamp bead, and the stainless steel pressure ring is both adorned and made more durable.

The top position is the interface location for its magnetic charging. Because the magnetic charging setting method requires no interface insertion when charging, and the H03C can automatically match the connection charging when charging. The process is very convenient.

In terms of heat dissipation, the LED housing body adopts an integrated warehouse structure. The fine and deep fins provide extremely efficient heat dissipation.

The use of the newspaper clips brings a variety of carrying methods, and the overall color matching of the newspapers in the treatment of the coating is consistent. And increased the effect of rust and durability.

The through hole of the hand strap is on the side of the tail cover, so that the use of the hand strap does not affect the need for inverted use. The flat end cap has a magnetic pole inside, so the tail can be magnetically fixed in a specific scene. Thereby liberating your hands.

Unscrew the tail cap to see that the support springs of its contacts are silver plated. This makes the circuit more efficient and adds rust and other properties. The rectangular thread is also a good twist of the tail cap.

The inside of the battery compartment is as follows, and the inner wall is smooth. And its circuit adopts constant current and wide voltage design, it can be compatible with a variety of batteries, and has excellent constant current effect. So each unit will not strobe. Of course, the anti-reverse protection design also avoids damage after reverse battery connection.

Because it is easy to handle with one hand, it is extremely convenient for use. In terms of the light source, it is conventionally turned on as a white light source. At this point it can be seen that it has an excellent flooding effect. The light is bright but soft.

In the operation of quickly double-clicking when it is turned on, the illumination mode of the color light source is entered.

Its blue light source is 30 lumens and red light is 100 lumens.

The green light source has a 150 lumens effect. In the operation of the above process, the position where the thumb touches the button is just right, and the operation is convenient and efficient.

Then look at the effect of the tail magnetism. First, there is a stable inverted fixing effect on the outside of the rusted water pipe.

Therefore, in some characteristic work operations, the hands can be released so that the activity becomes more free.

When you are outdoors, it is inevitable to encounter water. The H03C has excellent sealing properties.

The IPX-8’s waterproof rating is the highest waterproof rating. This can be used in a humid environment for a long time.

The newspaper clip and the slightly squared design of the head provide effective roll-proof performance. When you need it in the night, you can place it directly without worrying about the loss of rolling.

The convenience of the corner light is to give it a fixed point to effectively release your hands. If it is outdoors, it can be mounted on the strap.

After configuring the headband, we can use it as a headlight. Because of the moderate quality, there is no feeling of falling on the head.

As a former fishing friend, I made several night fishing attempts because of the blue light source and the ability to use the headlights. The use of medium-light fish floats is extremely eye-catching under blue light. It can be seen that its color light source is extremely practical.

Here, the recording of the illumination effect of the colored light source in the conventional scene is also performed. The blue light effect is as follows.

Red light effect.

Green light effect. It can be seen that different light sources still have good brightness and range. This can also meet the needs of the event.

In terms of white light source, it has four different brightness positions and beacons – sos – red, blue and green ss – red and blue flashing these special lighting modes. Four different brightness levels are now on display. The picture below shows 7 lumens.

The effect of 40 lumens in the bright light can almost meet the needs of various conventional night outdoor. There is a certain brightness, range and relatively low power consumption.

This is a 100 lumens effect. At this time, the illumination effect is not obvious by the influence of other light sources. In other words, it has a good lighting effect at this time.

The brightness of 220 lumens is stronger and has a range of 48 meters.

The scene is changed to see the effect, and the overall illumination angle is wider. This is also convenient for night out.

After a lot of use, look at the effect of charging, the head magnetic position achieves a self-matching effect, which becomes very useful in a darker environment. The indication of the indicator light during charging also avoids overcharge or underfill accidents.

Complete charging blue light display. The indication effect is conspicuous and clear.

Speaking of the indicator light, in addition to the charging indication, it also has a power-on battery indication, at which time the power is prompted by the number of flashes. The prompt also has a low voltage prompt. When the voltage is low, the button position indicator flashes to indicate that we have replaced the battery. In addition, after the power is turned off and long pressed, the positioning indicator is turned on, which is convenient for quickly finding the flashlight at night.

After many uses, it can be concluded that the H03C can be used as a headlight, a chest light, a magnetic work light, and the like. And multi-position, multi-light source also meets the needs of different night outdoor. Durable and stable in performance. In general, the H03C is a bright light that turns on the colorful night outdoors. recommend.