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26Oct 2018

Different types of activities in the night and outdoor require different light sources for corresponding illumination. For example, at night, it is necessary to distinguish between animal blood and oil. Of course, people who are fishing know that fish are not sensitive to blue light, so night fishing is also a blue light. Another example […]

13Oct 2018

If you start camping, you will find yourself obsessed with all kinds of camping, grass, cars, RVs, parks, mountains, etc. Buy a variety of equipment: hiking walking shoes, riding pants, flashlights, tents, backpacks, headlights, SLR cameras, etc. If you start camping, you will find that you start to put down your mobile phone and start […]

14Sep 2018

Japan was hit by the strongest typhoon in 25 years on the 4th, killing at least 7 people and injuring more than 200 people. This year’s No. 21 typhoon “Feiyan” landed at Tokushima Prefecture in Japan at noon local time. The maximum wind speed near the center of the typhoon is 45 meters per second, […]

27Aug 2018

Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that makes black-light posters glow, and is responsible for summer tans — and sunburns. However, too much exposure to UV radiation is damaging to living tissue. Electromagnetic radiation comes from the sun and transmitted in waves or particles at different wavelengths and frequencies. This broad range of […]

10Aug 2018

The first is its very convenient replenishment method. Outdoor solar panels can be used to supplement it. During the charging process, the magnetic interface also has a power indicator. This avoids overcharging damage and does not cause uneffective charging, which affects normal use. And the indicator light is extremely bright, even if it is well […]

03Aug 2018

For everyday, outdoor or all kinds of night work, we need a flashlight with reliable performance. Of course, different scenarios should have different usage requirements. If you have a portable and diverse small straight, it will be extremely convenient. Just like this SKILHUNT M200. The M200 has the regular features of conventional “small straight”, which […]

30Jul 2018

Best Cap / Hat /Pocket Clip On Light for Fishing, Hunting, Running, Walking, Camping, Patrol Duty, Highway Working, etc

20Jul 2018

How to Make UV Light WHAT IS A blacklight and how do you make one? This is the topic of a recent MacGyver episode in which he quickly creates an improvised blacklight to find hidden messages on a wall. You can watch the scene here—and a disclaimer, I am currently the Technical Consultant for the show. But still, […]

13Jul 2018

Ultraviolet light is a general term for radiation from 0.01 to 0.40 micrometers in the electromagnetic spectrum and cannot cause people’s vision. The electromagnetic spectrum has a wavelength of 0.01~0.4 micron radiation, which is the radiation between the visible purple end and the X-ray. Has a sterilization function. Ultraviolet light is shorter than visible light, […]

06Jul 2018

For the nighttime lighting, the first reaction is a cylindrical flashlight and camp lights. And the suitability of different flashlights will have obvious limitations. The SKT PL1 multi-function work light is clearly different from the conventional one: the small and portable adjustable angle, and the optional range of up to 6 light colors bring a unique experience. The show for your friends […]