If you start camping, you will find yourself obsessed with all kinds of camping, grass, cars, RVs, parks, mountains, etc. Buy a variety of equipment: hiking walking shoes, riding pants, flashlights, tents, backpacks, headlights, SLR cameras, etc.

If you start camping, you will find that you start to put down your mobile phone and start more face-to-face conversations with your friends. Everyone sits at the tent and barbecues, plays games, eats snacks, drinks tea, and talks about life ideals under the starry night sky.

If you start camping, you will find friends in any industry, just because your climbed the mountain together, walked hundreds of kilometers together, camped for tea and chatted!

If you start camping, you will find yourself eating and not getting fat, your legs are thin, your waist is slender, and you spend a lot of calories in the outdoors! Exercise a healthy body!

Imagine you and I lying on a wide field, looking up at the stars and integrating the whole body into nature…

The Milky Way is clearly visible

In camping, be sure to bring lighting tools ,including headlights, flashlights, and signal lights.

The most commonly used flashlight is the picture below——M200.

The most popular signal light is the picture below——PL1

The most practical headlight is the picture below——H03C,   (Red Green Blue White 4 Colors in one)

Look at the world from another angle, look at yourself from another angle